3D Level Artist

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We are looking for a 3D level artist with experience working with full cycle level production from blockout to final level setup in the Unity scene.

What are you working on?
  • Platforms: PC
For which tasks (responsibilities)?

What will you work on?

Genre: Metaverse

Platforms: PC, WebGL


  • Laying out environments in the scene, integrating and configuring assets in the engine to align with the art direction.

  • Setting up lighting and post-processing.

  • Ensuring optimal performance and adherence to resource limits (draw calls, polygon counts, texture memory) while maintaining visual quality for WebGL

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • Senior/Middle Environment (Tech) artist

  • Portfolio with examples of creatively compelling scenes, levels, and environments created in a photorealistic\stylized style in Unity.

  • Examples of full-cycle level production - blockouts, asset modelling, set dressing, lighting setup, optimization.

  • Strong experience with Unity URP, Quixel packages, Substance Painter, and Speedtree.

  • Excellent compositing, asset tuning, and lighting skills.Ability to perform scene optimization and set up quality settings.

Why do we enjoy working here?
  • Friendly atmosphere and collaborative culture

  • Working with world-class clients and professionals in the industry

  • Possibility for further permanent cooperation with Studio

  • Part-time involvement and flexible schedule

  • Remuneration in USD/EUR

The selection process

If you are interested, please send us your CV and Portfolio. We will invite you to the interview if your experience and portfolio are relevant to the project requirements.

Walla Walla Studio

Company type: outsource

Employees: 11-50

Platforms: PC

Genres: Action, Adventure, Role-playing, Sports, Shooter, Casual


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